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Carols by Candlelight is back, 7:30pm Christmas Eve 24 December on the Church Lawns!

Feel free to bring a picnic and enjoy the music, singing and Ralph the Puppet!

For more information, please contact us.




Numerous social studies and surveys have revealed some key qualities of ‘happy’ people. Two of the most significant qualities revealed in these studies are; ‘Community’ belonging, and, ‘Serving’ others.  In other words, the relational support, affirmation and purpose found in being a regular participant in a community group.  And the fulfillment and worth found in serving others, even if that entails some self-sacrifice!  In fact, it’s the self-sacrifice part of community that, counter-intuitively, gives the greatest sense of fulfillment and connection with others.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that people who belong to a ‘healthy’ church group experience above-average levels of ‘happiness’, and that’s definitely true of Fremantle Church (SDA) at 10 Cleopatra St, Palmyra.

Fremantle Church has a very simple Purpose Statement:  ‘Loving God.  Loving Others.  Loving Service.  Loving the World … in Following Jesus.’  Fremantle Church believe that it is a primary teaching of their Leader to be inclusive, not exclusive.  To love and respect every person regardless of religion, race, orientation or position in society.

So, many members of this church participate in local and ‘elsewhere’ service groups.  Over several years, families and youth have travelled to Cambodia, and to remote indigenous Western Australian communities to serve in practical ways.  Freo Church is a financial sponsor of this Palmyra Together newsletter.  Members are encouraged to personally support local and international welfare agencies such as ADRACare, Asian Aid & World Vision.

Oh, and everyone is invited to participate in our annual community event, Christmas Eve Carols on the Lawn.  This year it’s on at 7pm, Sunday December 24, at our Cleopatra St front lawn.

Even our regular, spiritually-focused services are NOT exclusive and are open to everyone.  There’s age-based fellowship groups that study the Bible (Beginners, Primary, Youth and Adults).  These services are non-liturgical, informal, relational and open to all.  Lunch is provided after our weekly ‘Sabbath’ (Saturday) gathering/service.

Freo Church is a ‘Community’ of ordinary people, just trying to follow the faith-life that Jesus taught and lived, including His example of caring for every single person that we encounter.  “Even the Son of Man didn’t come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” (Jesus, Mark 10:45)

So, you are welcome to experience ‘Community’ and ‘Service’ with us. You never know, it may just increase your ‘happiness’ quotient.